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Use the button below to add additional contacts. Drag and drop contacts to order them. Contacts will be notified in order from left to right.

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Many responding authorities will request contact information (Names & Phone Numbers) when responding to an alarm. I give permission to the Federal Response Center to relay this contact information, when requested to do so by my Police/Fire Department.

Preferred Alarm Response Order

Use this section to designate the order of response for each type of alarm by dragging the responses into the correct order.


  • Dispatch Authorities (must always dispatch first on Commercial Fire)
  • Call Premise(delete)
  • Call Designated Call List(delete)

Holdup / Panic


Non-Emergency (Communication Failures, Power Failures, Device Troubles, etc.)

You must agree to the following statement to designate your preferences:

I understand that changing the alarm response steps will affect the way the FRC responds to my alarm signals and may result in a delay, or in some cases possibly even a forfeiture of appropriate response. By designating my own alarm response order, I am aware of, and accept the risks associated.

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